CNC Services

What can we do?

Plywood Fabricating

With our advanced nesting software, we can stick as many parts we need in a sheet, efficiently reducing waste.


Have a twisted live edge slab? Or a uneven cut tree cookie? Look no further! We can put the slab on our machine and surface it flat to your preferred thickness.




We can manufacture chair back legs, arms, and more. Give us your drawing or sample, and we can get from there!

Solid Wood

Table Tops

Need a counter top done? Or a table top? We can laminate and sand and square off or add channels for steel support or profile your table top for you.



Need cutting boards made? Or wood products for retail? Look no further, we can manufacture solid wood products for you.

Assembled MDF Speaker Boxes

Have a speaker box project you want done? Send us your speaker box drawings and we can cut them for you. We also can assemble the pieces together for you.

And much much more...

Ask us!